Nourish God’s greatest gift in the most natural way, for Breastfeeding is HIS design.

Breastfeeding is GOD's DESIGN
A woman’s body was created with two breasts in different shapes and sizes. Everything in this world serves its own purpose. Just like every part of our body, breasts play an essential role. Like our eyes to see, our minds to think, our hearts to love and so a woman’s breasts to provide the best nourishment to every child. Even animals were given breasts to feed their young. God made it that way to show that animal milk is meant for animals, while human milk is meant for human.

Women in the bible nursed their babies like Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:21 – 24 and Naomi in Ruth 4:16. These stories imply that breastfeeding is a natural and God’s way of providing food to infants. He blessed women with breasts that are capable of producing human milk, milk that contains the right amount of nutrients and antibodies adjusting to our baby’s needs. No hands can formulate such kind of milk but only the Giver and Creator if this miraculous design.

Breastfeeding is an expression of UNCONDITIONAL love.
Breastfeeding expresses a limitless love of a mother. Mothers drop everything she is doing as soon as the baby demands for food, comfort and security. We, as mothers, give up things that we think are less important. We commit our time, our energy, our all, and give up our comfort, hence we become selfless, because our motherly instinct tells us that taking care of our little ones is one of our most important tasks. We choose to love unconditionally because we want the best nourishment for our babies. It is the best language of love between a mother and child relationship. The sacrifice it entails is matchless.

Breastfeeding is a LIFETIME Investment.
Breastfeeding is a commitment. Wanting to do it is quite far from committing to it. It is a best investment of time, strength, emotion, and of course money. The time and strength that mothers give in breastfeeding is something to savor until the child weans. The bonding it fosters between the mother and the child, while love and support is shown by the husband cultivates connection. In addition, it is an economical way to feed babies of every family regardless of race and social status. Studies have also proven that breastfed babies have fewer illnesses and trips to the doctor, have a healthy weight and higher IQ. Breastfeeding serves as the external gestation of the little ones. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to mothers. Researches have shown that mothers who have breastfed are less likely to develop ovarian cancer, breast cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Breastfeeding benefits health, relationship and financial resources for a lifetime.

These are just some important things we should ponder on. We believe in the truth that every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17, NIV). We know from our hearts that that is what breastfeeding is. It is a gift given to every mother. Breastfeeding is part of the miracle of life that we must be grateful for and that each person in this world is encouraged to embrace.